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Tree Felling, Prunning and Palm Tree Tidy Up

One of the many skilled techniques used to cut down a palm tree. This technique requires a highly skilled Tree Feller to plan out exact cuts on the tree. A perfectly planned cut allows us to drop the tree in a precise location.

Industrial Grass Cutting

We believe gardening is a constant exercise of the imagination and with an insatiable passion for gardening, we offer everything from garden maintenance, landscape design to existing garden rejuvenation.

Site Clearance, Stump & Rubble Removal

Site clearance and Rubble Removal is the process of removing trees, rubble and other debris from your property. We offer a range of truck and bakkie sizes for the removal..

Lawn Dressing and Grass Design

As garden specialists in the area of corporate and domestic garden maintenance each individual garden has to be integrated into our maintenance programme and the scope of works according to each client’s needs and specifications.

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